4 new nude colors - Aurora Cosmetics

4 New Nude Lip Gloss Colors

The 4 new nude color of our best selling lustre…
Give away samples

Give Away Samples

Aurora Global Brands give away 2 samples as free gift…
Lip Gloss and Lip Liner - Aurora Cosmetics

Build your own lip kit with lip glosses and lip liners

You can pick from 12 shades lip glosses and 47…
Eyeshadow Palette - Aurora Cosmetics

Pro Eyeshadow Palette (35 shades)

The pro palette has 35 shades, high pigmented formulas and…
starter pack

Recommended Starter Makeup Pack (Discounted)

Based on rich experience, Aurora recommend the following makeup pack…
makeup Palette Pack - Aurora Cosmetics

Makeup Palette Pack (Discounted)

In this recommend makeup palette pack, you can select 100…
Lip Line Pack - Aurora Cosmetics

Recommended Lip Line Pack (Discounted)

In this recommend lips line pack, you can select 100…
Eyeline Pack - Aurora Cosmetics

Recommend Eyesline Pack (Discounted)

In this recommend eyes line pack, you can select 100…