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Excellent supplier with worldwide customers. 60% are from in USA, 20% in Europe.

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Trustworthy manufacture serves over 2500 beauty brands.

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Professional R&D team with 10,000 formulas to meet your needs.

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15+ years experience deeply cultivated in the makeup industry.

Aurora Best Selling Products

matte liquid foundation - Aurora Cosmetics

Liquid Foundation

Sweat resistant, long-wearing formulation with 24 shades. Lightweight feel for all skin types. LOW MOQ with private label service.

Single eyeshadows - Aurora Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Palettes

218 shades with shimmer, matte and glitter textures. The easy-to-blend formula supports fantastic possibilities for enhancing your unique and beautiful undertones. LOW MOQ with private label service.

private label lipgloss in rose gold tube - Aurora Cosmetics

Lip Gloss

Non-sticky feel for daily use with pure, creamy color and incredible shine. Vitamin E to nourish your lips. Cost-friendly for start-ups. NO MOQ required.

lipsticks - Aurora Cosmetics

Lip Kit

Curated by Aurora Cosmetics, its is a combo of lip liner and lipstick. The lip kit is comfortable on the lips and lasts for hours. Light-as-air, This product is also vegan and formulated without animal test. OW MOQ with private label service.

Private Label Cosmetics
Main Product Category

Eyes Makeup Products - Aurora Cosmetics

Eyes Makeup Products

The liquid eyeshadow is a brilliant, long-wearing, sparkle treasure brings refreshing feel and smooth color laydown. It comes with uniquely lightweight, waterproof texture for daily use. 

The eyeshadow palette features various shades, satisfying your needs. The barely-there application makes it nearly impossible to mess up.

Lips Makeup Product

The lipstick goes on smoothly and evenly, leaving lips feeling nourished and hydrated with Vitamin E. The creamy, moisturizing makeup formula brings fantastic skin feel to your lips.

The lip gloss is available in many shades for your selection.

The vegan formula without animal-derived ingredient makes it cruelty-free for everyone.

Lip Gloss - Aurora Cosmetics
Liquid Foundation Swatch - Aurora Cosmetics

Face Makeup Product

The foundation comes with sweat and humidity-resistant features for a long-lasting use. The real-skin natural finish gives you pretty-looking skin even on the days you don’t wear it. With our blush, your natural features accelerates rapidly to a flawless finish. Try it now!

Private Label Makeup Brushes

Highly recommended to use it with foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, setting powder, and eye shadows. You are capable of blending powder evenly for a smooth, natural look with our brushes.

Makeup Brushes - Aurora Cosmetics
False eyelashes - Aurora Cosmetics

Private Label Eyelashes

The false eyelashes dramatically enhance your eyes with subtl and natural looking. The high-quality eyelashes look like your own lashes, only fuller and longer. The lashes are  lightweight and reusable for starters.

Custom Manufacturing Your Own Cosmetics

Develop makeup formula

Formula Development

The professional R&D team not only provides more than 10,000 ready-to-go formulas, but supports completely customizing your own formula. We only select high-quality raw materials and equipment production, ensuring the excellent skin feel.

custom cosmetics packaging

Packaging Design

Aurora Global Brands creates a one-stop OEM service from makeup containers to outer packing boxes. Even if you don't have a dedicated design team, Aurora is willing to provide packing design and consulting.

cosmetics assembly

Assembly & Packing

The specialists in manufacturing workshop have efficient skills to help you assembly goods in the shortest time. Aurora adheres to the formal production and assembly process. Your own name cosmetics will be delivered via carriers in a few days after you place the order.