Create Your Own False Lashes Brand
Low Minimum Order Quantity

Aurora Global Brands supply a variety types of false strip lashes and various packaging options. Low MOQ to print your luxury brand.

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Aurora Private Lable Lashes Line
High-end Collections Of Strip Lashes

Three types of false lashes are supplied, which are real mink lashes, faux mink lashes, and magnetic strip lashes. In both collections, we supply luxury series and premium series, so you can decide which one is the best for your customers.

Magnetic Lashes
The Market Trend Of Lashes

It is believed that the magnetic lashes and liners are going to be a game-changing experience, which will allow all customers to finally be able to put on the lashes that they’ve always struggled with but dreamed of.

We supply 16 styles of magnetic lashes in MINK lashes and Faux Mink Lashes, accompanied with a private label magnetic eyeliners with your own brand printed.

Magnetic Faux Mink Lash - Aurora Cosmetics

High-quality Lashes Boxes
Branding Your Lashes Line With Us

Aurora Global Brands supply various colors of lash gift box. All lash boxes are best suit the strip lashes we supply.

Your luxury brand design could be printed on the packaging. There’s no requirement on the minimum order quantity.


We also offer bulk order, to supply the single pair of lashes in VAC tray only.

Strict quality control will be conducted in every step of production.

Lash Box

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Private Label Lash Glue Eyeliners
Print Your Luxury Logo

Aurora Global Brands supply a full range of color cosmetics line, with low MOQ to print your logo. 

We supply highly demanded strip lashes supplements, such as lash glue, magnetic liquid eyeliner for magnetic lashes, and the newly developed lash glue liner.


-Matte finish
- Glides on as eyeliner
- Performs like lash glue
- Waterproof and long lasting
custom develop your own lashes main

Bespoke Design
Your Own Strip Lashes Styles
And Custom Lash Box

We are able to develop your own lash styles as you request. They could be custom designed based on following criterials:

– Raw materials for the lash hairs

– Desired quality for the strip lashes

– Target cost per pair

– Packaging requirement

Branding your unique lash Line with us. We are willing to grow up with your brand.